Care at Cure Homeo Clinics is defined by high quality, compassionate homeopathic care delivered in a multispecialty, integrated academic institution. The primary focus is to meet the needs of the individual patient.

Motto: “Patient care comes first”. This is not just a phrase but a promise to our patients.

The clinic opened more than 60 years back in the city of Meerut. Since its inception in 1955, it has leadership driven by a family of three generations of homeopathic physicians.

The Spirit of Cure Homeo Clinics

Late in his life clinic’s founder, Dr Jai Prakash Goel (1915-2001) identified the spirit of clinic as:
• Continuing pursuit of the ideals of service and not profit.
• Continuing primary and sincere concern for the care and welfare of each individual patients.
• A willingness to change in response to the changing needs of society.
• Continuing effort toward excellence in everything that is done.

Disease Awareness Campaigns

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder where symptoms of the disease maintain a seasonal variation.

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IBS is an important disease entity because of its high prevalence (1 in every 10 persons), poor quality of life, and enormous cost of treatment.

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PCOS is one of the most common disorders/disease happening to young and urban females with 2 in 5 females suffering from it.

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Therapies & Treatments


Unlike other systems of medicine, homeopathy does not look at the diseases person in parts, instead it gives one medicine for the whole individual.

Meditation & Yoga

Homeopathy works well with meditation & yoga. Homeopathy is a mind-body healing which is also the principle of ancient yoga.

Diet Counselling

Customized and healthy diet with homeopathy is the quicker way to recovery of health. Medicine and diet together does miracles.


Video Gallery

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