p>To start with let us first understand what STRESS means. Stress is just your inability to manage your own system. Stress happens not because of the nature of your work. It is just that you do not know how to manage your body, your mind, your emotions, your energy, your chemistry – you do not know how to manage anything. Stress is not because of the nature of the activity that you are performing or because of life situations.

So stress is just an inability to manage the inner situation, not the outer situation. And this inability to manage the inner situation makes us develop certain health conditions or diseases and few of them are PCOS , Hormonal imbalance , Fibroid , infertility etc .

PCOS is one of the most common disorders/disease happening to young and urban females with 2 out of 5 females suffering from it.

To understand about this disease let me make it simple for you.

Ovary is an organ in our body where eggs are matured on regular basis since a girl starts with her menses or commonly called periods. Regular basis means every 28-32 days. This release of egg takes place with the help of female hormones.

Now if you are suffering from PCOS, then the egg is not maturing enough to release from ovaries and thus forming hard cyst or stony bags like structures leading to irregular or missed periods.

This condition is caused due to various factors like genetics, stress or unregulated intake of hormonal medicines/ contraceptives.

In females suffering from PCOS , there is imbalance between hormones like progesterone, estrogen , testosterone and androgens .

As a result , a female with PCOS develops symptoms like that in males , that is excessive hair growth on face , stomach , back , thumb etc ; male pattern baldness, hoarseness of voice , weight gain , pimples etc .

Along with this female also develops insulin resistance which means that due to increase of testosterone, insulin doesn’t act properly in body which causes diabetes like symptoms leading to difficulty in losing weight.

If this condition becomes severe then it leads to infertility, that is difficulty in getting pregnant.

As by now you know that the cause for all these problems is either due to stress in your life or genetics or unregulated use of hormonal pills, SO the first and foremost thing we need to work is to make a human being peaceful and joyful and the best mode of treatment for you is Homoeopathy and at Cure homeo clinics we are doing our best to provide you with best personalized and world class Homoeopathic treatment.

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