Healthcare Services Are Highly Personal.

Further, the patients are often in pain, fearful and desperate. Cure Homeo Clinics is the right opportunity for those professionals who are committed for the oath to serve humanity. Physician’s need to be committed for the values and principals. They should aspire to our mission of “Patient care comes first.”

Four reasons to apply for a career opportunity at Cure Homeo Clinics

1. Celebrating the Individual

Your term at Cure Homeo Clinics will blend different models and approaches in homeopathy, and actively encourages you to find your own style of practice.

2.Expert Supervision

Cure Homeo Clinics is pioneer in clinical supervision with the expertise of panel of homeopathic physicians.

3. Classical and Contemporary Learning

Cure Homeo Clinics bring old and new worlds together. We are proudly associated, academically with “The Other Song, Mumbai. Old masters such as Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Boger and Kent, synchronising with the new approaches of Sankaran, Vijaykar, Sehgal, Kolkata method, Vermeulen, amongst others.

4. Empowering work Atmosphere

Cure Homeo Clinics provide a positive work ambience with a team of doctors. An atmosphere of continuous learning is encouraged with the activities of clinical meetings, seminars and journal clubs

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