"Personalized Healthcare For All" And “Patient Care Comes First”
Are The Core Values Of This Institution.


A doctor who address the concerns regarding diseases and counsel patient about the process towards recovery. The main concern of the doctor is to understand patient's problem and provide a possible blueprint towards health in a holistic and natural way.

Resident physician understands the patient as a whole. He / She takes a detailed history, nature of the disease, personality traits, stress etc. The main concern of the doctor is to prepare a detailed case record for a perfect prescription.

Senior Resident Physician maintains standards of clinical practice, accredits the work done by counsellor and resident physician.

Chief Consultant is the one who hold the responsibility of the treatment plan and prescription. Cure Homeo Clinics has a team of three chief consultants; Dr Indu Goel, Dr Pooja Gupta and Dr Aman Goel.


Any system of medicine is incomplete without a supportive therapy of proper diet management and specified techniques of yoga and meditation.

It is done by a dietician who ensures that patient receives a sustainable diet plan with "need-to-take recipes" according to the disease.

A disease specific yoga and meditation for healthy mind is a must for a speedy recovery. Experts in the concerned fields provides there consultations at Cure Homeo Clinics.