Success Stories

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A boy aged 13 years had rheumatoid arthritis from past 5 years. He started taking homeopathic treatment from Cure Homeo Clinics and felt better in his joint pains. He has stopped taking painkiller medications and his quality of life has improved a lot. The entire credit goes to efforts of Dr. Indu Goel and her team of doctors.


A patient aged 45 years was suffering from psoriasis from past 2 years. There were no signs of seasonal changes and condition remained same throughout the year. He had taken several treatments and now after 9 months of regular treatment at Cure Homeo Clinics, he is completely cured.


A lady aged 37 years suffered from severe migraine from past several years. She had to take pain killers to suppress her pain. Her headache attacks were on daily basis. With no relief whatsoever, she began homeopathic treatment at Cure Homeo Clinics. Within a span of 15 days she showed unexpected signs of improvement . Homeopathy helped her even in a SHORT SPAN OF TIME. Dr Pooja Goel is working relentlessly with her team of doctors to provide best possible treatment. Truly at Cure Homeo Clinics "Homeopathy is at its best".

Allergic Rhinitis

A young man aged 36 years, suffering from allergic rhinitis opted for homeopathic treatment at Cure Homeo Clinics. He had taken allopathic treatment for the same problem for several years. Within 1 year, he feels cured and his quality of life has improved by homeopathy.